Tuesday, November 30, 2010

those pilgrims had more than cool hats

They were also good at inventing holidays.  No presents -- save a hostess gift -- and no huge commercial surge to bring on the gimmies, and I'm in.  I think Easter comes in at a close second, and we'll have to thank the pagans and the Christians for that one.

We went to my brother's new house for two days, including a wonderful/stressful mini-high-school reunion.  And, I annoyed everyone by taking their picture as if I were a pap stalking a starlet in rehab.

Hope yours was just as wonderful.

And now, see the twinkling lights ahead?  It's that freight train we call Christmas.  Look out.


Tara Thayer said...

um. that has got to be your mother there on the bottom step. yes?

molly said...

I hear the distance whistle too, but trying to be gentle on myself and everyone this season. Light and easy on the commercialism, save for the requisite electronic gifts: camera and Ipod (shhhhh!)

I love your processing. Did you use any actions, or is it all levels and curves?

Jane said...

Ah, life with boys and trying to get a picture. love it!