Wednesday, November 23, 2011

bathroom dilemna

Here's the inspiration picture, where I found the irridescent square tiles:

If you look at the shower wall, you can see them.  Somewhere, I had a bigger picture, but you get the idea.

Here's my bathroom in progress, in natural light, during the day.  The contractor assures me that when grouted, the subway tiles will read more as a solid surface, without any of the lines.

 And here's the "feature wall" between bath and shower.  Do you think the small guys work?  I was afraid that it didn't look right.  Although, I like it better in pictures, I think.

Inside the shower, with the light on.

 Here, you can see the shower floor.  Floor of the room is large grey tiles.  Shower has little slate tiles.

 Oh, and that will be the master closet and the linen closet.

 Here's the shower, where the two styles meet.  Looks weird, right?
 yellowy from the light -- but you get the idea.

 Possible alternative -- that little square would be all over the wall there.  Either in clear glass or tumbled glass.

 with the light on.

 Possible alternative?  Do you like the blue/grey tiles here for the wall between bath and shower?  Top rows are glassy and shiny, bottom rows are tumbled and matte.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

man, this is getting hard core

From my class today.

Oh, I love it.

Can't afford to get all of the crazy equipment they're talking about at this point, but it's so much fun.

Can't even wrap my brain around some of the stuff she's talking about.  But today, there was a black seamless, and a light stand, a pocket wizard and a grid (and talk of snoots).   So much fun.