Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The shoot

P.R. shoot for the fine founders of Offlining.  They needed press images and wanted a shot of the two of them among turkeys.  I could think of a lot of people who would have worked well as turkeys, but we just went with the generic.

What was good: the diffused light inside the turkey shelter, the weather (not too cold), my helpers (Max & Alex pulled the feeders away and carted around my stuff), the willing, cheerful and attractive models (especially the man on the right) and my moral support, second set of eyes and shaky leg holder (thank you Tara!).  

What was not: I should have listened more closely to that second set of eyes and centered the guys in the doorway more (that last picture bugs me).
I wish I had brought a bench or stools for the guys to sit among the turkeys
A shot list would have been helpful with poses and places.
Getting there before my clients would have been nice to scout a little more and plot my pics.
Next time, I will not be such a chicken, and do less on AUTO (gasp) but I was afraid that I would screw something up.  I should trust myself and just take a deep breath.
Slow down.

It was fun though.  And scary.  Was it the hokey pokey or my Yogi tea who said it best:  "that's what it's all about."

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Jane said...

They look great Jill! so nice of Tara to help! It looks as if you had a great time!