Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Location Scouting: shooting turkeys

 Did you know that 80% of the turkeys we eat are white?  It's hard to find those reddish brown ones that everyone makes for their Thanksgiving hand turkeys.  I'm learning all of this as I'm location scouting for my next shoot. Mark and his p.r. partner Eric have launched a new movement:  offlining.  They are encouraging people to turn off their electronic devices once in a while and be fully present.
 They've scheduled their next p.r. blitz for Thanksgiving and need a picture of themselves among the turkeys to accompany their press.  Guess who's the photographer?  At first, I declined feeling way to hobbyist, but I don't think they had another photog who would do it on such short notice and so cheaply (um, pay for my babysitter).
The farm with the gorgeous heirloom reds won't let us shoot without paying a substantial big commercial shoot fee, so I found this lovely small family farm, Hemlock Hill Farm, willing to let the guys enter the pen with the turkeys.  I'm kind of scared, since I'm slightly bird phobic, and I am nervous that the shots won't be what they want.  I have batteries charging now and am plowing through the internet for inspiration photos, googling things like "man turkey" and "holding turkeys farm."  I may keep one of my boys home from school in the morning to assist -- I might need someone to hold a reflector. Not sure if the husband will go for this, and it does take my image as a professional down a notch, but perhaps I could chalk it up to some kind of educational experience????

Wouldn't you love to live on a farm?  In theory, at least?  Kind of?  Really, I could never handle the work actually, but I could handle the view.

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Jane said...

Good luck Jill. What we won't do for our husbands! I can't wait to see the pictures!