Friday, March 30, 2012

A good storyteller. Little Luca. Westchester kids photographer.

Had some fun doing a quick studio shoot with the very emotive Luca.  He loves music and singing and is quite serious about both.  He also has a very vivid imagination and told me quite a few tall tales during his stay.  And my boys adore him.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, hello there Rory. Newborn photographer. Rye, NY. Westchester.

Rory made his entrance as baby number three right on time. He's a New Yorker  born to a family newly transplanted from L.A.  He loved that little blue cocoon, knit by his grandmother.  As soon as we got him in there, he settled right down.  I have to get the pattern to knit for other newborns in the future. It's so darn cute.

Two versions - I did color and black and white.  Baby's skin can be so tricky to process, so I made it a little extra glowing and everything a little softer.

I love how little brand new babies still have characteristics of being so recently in the womb.  Their little hands flutter like birds and they just slow right down when you get them into a curled position.  Welcome to the world, Rory!