Saturday, November 20, 2010

what I'm getting from my class

I'm taking a digital photo class at the ICP in NYC.  (which in itself raises my spirits so high).  Oh, I even had a midterm last week.  I asked my kids to sign it so I could bring it back to the teacher this week.  They sort of half believed me as they scrawled their cute signatures across the bottom.  (fyi -- I got a 19/20 with points off for my ISO definition.  Ha!  I was robbed). 

Anyway, one thing I'm getting better at is haivng an idea in my head and then actually realizing it.  Sounds small, but it's big to me.  The more I understand my camera and how to use it, the more it becomes an extension of me.

Anyway, inspired by a picture on flickr, I took these yesterday.  Fooling around with some PS actions too, though I think it's so easy to go overboard.  But, it's only pixels.  And not for my exam.


Jane said... these Jill. I know what you mean about PS. I tend to have to pull myself back at times.

molly said...

Oh Jill ... I miss visiting here and having the time for my favorite blogs, including yours. These are exceptional! I especially like the third from the top with all the white space. You are awesome! Happy Thanksgiving!