Friday, December 3, 2010

Put the chill back in Christmas

Seriously.  Let's tread lightly this year.  Simple gifts, easy advent. No baking, unless I'm really inspired. Wrap along the way, in the store if possible. 

My mom came home with us for a few days after Thanksgiving.  I loved having her here.  Helping with absolutely everything.  We put lights on the trees outside, took the decorations down from the attic, moved some tables around that have been bothering me, watched the bigs while I took the little to the pediatrician,  just generally being the perfect partner.  She's now in Delaware, en route to Florida for the winter.  With the exception of Jack, we all miss her already.

I still don't have a Christmas card photo yet and now we're flush up against super express rush charges.  That will take the chill out of Christmas.

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Jane said...

I hope you are going to use one of these for the card. They're great!