Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hullo 2011. Care for a cuppa?

Hullo there.

 Happy new year!  I've been neglecting my little blog.  But sometimes that's how it goes.  I have things to say, but they have not made it to this space.  For one thing, our house was robbed.  We were out, thankfully, and someone probably walked through the front door and collected most of our electronics, including my beloved computer.  All of my pictures were on it.  Thousands.
 Luckily, Mark guided me into one very smart thing last August.  I had everything backed up on  It costs a little over $100 for two years of back up.  Thankfully, my pictures are all floating around in cyberspace until I get a new computer. Then I hit restore, and they'll be back.
It's still a drag though on many levels.  However, I really do feel that all they took from us is things.  Things we can replace.  They will have the bad karma. They will eventually get caught and run through the system.  We will be fine.  Far worse things can (and do) happen.

My new year is still happy.

The pictures I've posted here are from my latest project, a 365.  That means a picture a day, for 365 days.  My goals are: document daily life, improve my photography and stretch myself creatively.
My other goals revolve around sugar, veggie-filled meals, exercise -- things I haven't quite tackled yet.