Monday, October 12, 2015

London Trip Snaps

Can't call it a vacation exactly.  A trip.  The kind where need guidebooks and your phone tells you that you've walked an average of six miles a day. The kind where the kids complain when you insist on taking the tube instead of a taxi (again).  Also the kind where you start to feel like a local. 

We have rented flats in several cities now instead of hotels:  San Francisco, London (both through airbnb), Rome ( and it suits our family perfectly.  Traveling as a family of five means at least two hotel rooms, which quickly adds up and also means lots of restaurant meals.  With two very picky eaters and one with a long list of food allergies, having a kitchen suits us much better. 

So London in August, which felt a bit like New York in late October.  Which is not so bad.

 The flat I lived in while studying abroad in college.  (above)