Monday, October 15, 2007

First Post -- Dive in

I've been reading blogs for much too long to not have one. I see things on other blogs that inspire me daily, and I've finally decided to take the plunge and put it out there. I'd like to post about all of my creative endeavors/obsessions in the hopes that I can join in some of the communities I so like reading about. You see, I don't really know too many people like me. Really, any people like me. The crafty kind. I like to knit, sew, read about other people knitting and sewing. Well, I sort of have a craft of the year thing. Like I was knitting obsessively for several years (with a few side dabblings in lino stamping, mosaics, and bookmaking) now I'm on to sewing in a major way. I really like to collect art supplies, to learn how to do new kinds of projects and to read about them. I've always been interested in finding out how things are made.

I love that you can just google around for your current craft interest and the next thing you know, you're deep into another world filled with people who get all tingly about the same things that you do.

Well, I know several elements I like in a blog include personal information (who are you? who am I?), photos and frequent postings. Alas, I will try....