Saturday, January 26, 2008

arancione tote

arancione tote
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Love orange hand bags and this designer has made a new silohette and a new handle treatment. I was a little irked watching Project Runway this week when Heidi said that one of the dresses looked "home sewn." Suddenly I thought that all of my home sewn stuff looked shoddy and silly. Then I see a bag like this one and I revel in the creativity of it all.

Martha S. made a rug out of that handle material several years ago. It's a binding tape for rugs, I believe.

Making Softies from Aranzi Aronzo

My husband gave me the book Fun Dolls by Aronzo Aranzi for Christmas. I can't believe he remembered from the time I picked it up at Barnes and Noble and said, "If you're looking for a gift for me, here's an idea." Anyway, I have made two of the patterns -- purposely choosing two that did not need pattern enlargement. I also made one of the "unmotivated kids" for my friend's daughter, though it still needs a face. I'm often guilty of being a 90%er. I made the whole softie, but not the face. Or, in the case of this dog, I made and stuffed the tail and now I can't put my hands on it to sew it on. Yes, it's a tail-less puppy. Hopefully not a tale-less one.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


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Bend-the-Rules Blogging

Here's a tote I made from Last Minute Patchwork Gifts which really was beyond the last minute. The gift is for Christmas. It is almost February. That may be beyond last minute. I made a coordinating one for little sister out of a different piece of the same IKEA fabric. The second tote comes from the amazing Amy Karol book, Bend the Rules Sewing. I'm feeling a bit obsessed with her book right now. I think I might have to make everything in it. Like that woman who cooked everything from Julia Child's book and blogged about it and then wrote her own book about it.

I was a knitter. Now, I'm sewer. I'm definitly a serial crafter. I get REALLY into something and then slap, dash, for some reason, one day, something else starts to tickle my fancy and before you know it, I'm INTO it. I can't say I'm all that talented. But, and the average person would never guess, I get really into it. I'm into bags and totes right now. And fabric in general.

I like to make things. It's my way of expressing myself. Of unleashing that part of me that always wishes she were a real artist. Of staying in touch with that little girl I used to be who would spend hours on the floor lost in some kind of art project when she was supposed to be cleaning her room.


Some things never change.