Saturday, October 30, 2010

slideshow template - advice

No, not advice from me.  I found this in the back of american Photo magazine in a little sidebar, and I thought it was worth remembering.  It was a column about a workshop for creating audio slideshows. Anyway, the advice was a formula for creating a narrative template, which I thought would work well when shooting an event, in general.  I find many times I prefer similar angles and shots and dof, which can work well individually, but don't always gel to tell a dynamic story.

Here is Jay Dickman's formula:
1. Establish the setting
2. Introduce characters
3. Introduce an issue or problem
4. Show details to create intimacy
5. Show moments that bring energy to the piece
6. Close the story

He also stresses that sound and images should not match exactly.  I find in flickr, I tend to caption a bit literally, while I tend to enjoy the images that are enriched by the captions rather than just telling me what I'm looking at.

Anyway, there was a bit more, but as I'm a sucker for a good formula, thought I'd share it and of course, try it out.

More later, with pics.

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