Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Beautiful New (to me) Blogs

I have branched out a bit lately and freshened the blog list to include other artists and, shall we say artistics, whom I enjoy reading.

More photography/lifestyle than crafting or cooking per se (Lord knows, I have a stash of those too.) Thought you'd might like to see the simple beauty of a view to. She's a stylist/photographer who lives in Germany and France. I mean really, do you need more enticement than that?

Here's one from a NY magazine writer who has a great eye (check those engagement photos -- so gorgeous) for photography and design and just little beautiful things. She's young and newly engaged -- just such a different p.o.v. than so many of the mom-blogs I read. It's a cup of Jo and worth a perusal.

Anything new (to you) out there that you like lately?

Sometimes I wonder at the amount of time I fritter away on the internet, but I really watch very little TV, so count it as my mindless TV time. Can I? Please?


molly said...

lovely links. guilty here of the same I'm afraid.

Here's two I find visually stimulating. food-related of course. It's a wonder I'm not 200 lbs.

molly said...

oh, just found this one. thought you might like it too: