Friday, August 28, 2009

Gone Fishing.

I think we're the last people to take a summer vacation. It's even a bit chilly and rainy today, and yet, I'm packing for a week on the lake. Lots of talk in town of teachers, and school supplies and finishing those summer homework packets (yuck). So, it seems strange to be going away when I feel like I should be in the thick of getting ready.

And yet.

Why not have a week together out of the house. To be a unit unto ourselves. To spend more time outdoors and change our view. We're heading to a house on a lake in New Hampshire. Different house, different lake than last year, but hopefully much the same.

enjoy your week.

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Tara Thayer said...

hi. i wanted to thank you for your comment and your commiseration, but can not find your e-mail. or your name, which i would definitely use if i ever ran into you: rather than say "oh, hi there", i really would rather say "oh, hi there fill-in-the-blank-with-your-name". i'm guessing you're the same way.'s good because as a result i've spent a good chunk of time reading your blog(and your first two, actually), so i've had a quite nice introduction, anyway.
i know that we all have the same horrors when it comes to our kids, or as you say, just getting them through in one piece.
i think that's the thing that some people miss-that sometimes "we" are so busy watching and perhaps judging each other's parenting styles (a term that i dislike as much as "lifestyle"(particularly when said by my mother)) that we forget that we all really just want the same thing in the end: to get them through happy and healthy and safely.
Sorry to leave such a long comment, but i just wanted to stay hi, and thanks for reading, and it really makes me happy to know you are out there reading. because i know you understand that too: it's nice to know someone's out there listening.
sorry about the no-caps. really tired, and on my husbands laptop, which i can barely navigate with out a mouse.
take care...and safe home from the lake in NH with those kids.