Monday, August 24, 2009

Patchwork bag and I'm thinking of Christmas.

Patchwork bag
Originally uploaded by Grey Cottage Studio
Every year I vow that I'll start my holiday shopping/gift making about NOW instead of late November. I find it much more enjoyable to think about making gifts when it still feels leisurely, rather than pressured. I might make a few of these shoppers/totes for teachers/in-laws/friends, doable if I can make them production-line style now. I have enough fabric, Lord knows, to crank these out. I based the pattern on my enviro-sac, which I do adore. You can't beat a shopper that you can keep in your purse.

Hate to bring it up already, but do you have any thoughts about holiday gifts?


Amy said...

I've been thinking about holiday gifts myself. I like to make handmade, but sometimes it just doesn't happen (not everyone on my list is easy to make -- or even buy! -- something for). This year I'm trying to take the approach of making several smaller things for people instead of one big thing. This will make it feel like it's going faster and is more doable in those little blocks of time when I don't feel like I can start big projects. This also gives me the option to supplement with small purchased items if I don't get everything made. I hope it works out! Your shopping bags are a nice idea!

Amy said...

I'd love a rough pattern for this bag - it's perfect. If you draft one up, will you share?

molly said...

Must confess, I'm thinking Christmas too.

Mostly because I watched Giada's White Christmas brunch special online the other night and am dreaming of my confectionary contributions to our family gathering. Now, you've got me dreaming up gift-making as well.

I second Amy's request for a pattern, if you're so inclined.

Grey Cottage Studio said...

I'm more than happy to share. Flattered you requested it. Have to make another one, and keep track of what I do.


Rima said...

This is such a cute bag!