Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Huck Finn Pants for my Little Imp

Yes, I'm still sewing small projects. That's the time and space I have right now. Plus, it's mighty hot in that grey cottage studio.

Made a wee pair of monkey pants from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing. Well, she calls them Huck Finn pants, which at least makes them sound boyish, though they're certainly unisex. The sock monkey print is just the sort of novelty print I usually dismiss, but I thought it suited a two-year-old boy who likes curious George. I bought it from the one of the only two local fabric shops around here with just these pants in mind. I have my doubts about quilting cotton for a pair of little boy pants, but they only have to last a few wearings before the season changes.

I didn't have 1/2" elastic on hand, but my little guy was wearing a pair of elastic waisted pants that looked a bit small when he wandered out to find me. I sat him down, took his pants and used a seam ripper to take out the elastic. I installed it in the new pants, and voila.

I'm nothing if not impatient, I mean, resourceful.


Karen @ old beginnings said...

I've been doing the same with my t-shirt pants. Going through our cast off clothing & pirating the elastic, no purchase necessary!

Grey Cottage Studio said...

I was so pleased with my little "big" idea!