Sunday, August 23, 2009

Print your Pics

A funny thing happened on Friday.

Mark took the kids to work in the a.m and I joined them around noon. He works in an advertising agency which means rooms full of fun toys -- giant printers and exacto knives and foam core and mounting stations. Most of all, lots of work space, a world of apple computers and savvy tech folks. Anyway, I printed some of my flickr photos as 11x14s to use for painting reference, since my painting season is about to begin again. Well, they were spectacular. So much better than the screen versions which I stare at day after day. I do make hardback books occasionally via iphoto/ so I see things in print, but this was better. I printed out a stack and decorated Mark's bullentin board while he was in a meeting. Sorry I don't have a picture of it. Just a few of the boys in the office (they were much more interested in the cereal station and the rolling chairs). Anyway, perhaps I am alone in this lack of printing, but it was rather eye opening and too much fun. I can't recommend it enough and I can't wait to go back and do more.

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