Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Patchwork Tote- Full frontal

Patchwork Tote
Originally uploaded by Grey Cottage Studio
Here's the tote in all it's glory. I made ultra suede handles for the first time and this baby's loaded with interfacing. I need to scotchguard the fabric though. It's an upholstery weight sateen finish that may not hold up too well for a tote (more of an evening bag). Actually, this fabric had a life as a table runner first. It enjoyed some spring supperss in our dining room. I sent it back to the craft room for some reason and now it lives again as a tote bag.

Definitly using the Jeans needle for this one. This bag may be a little loud for me in real life, but I like it in pictures. I used a tomato red canvas for the lining. I'll take some shots of the pockets, because the pocket-within-a-pocket layout is kind of cool.

The bag does fit over my shoulder. I'll get a shot or too of the bag in action later. I'm sure you can hardly wait. Oh, that's right, I'm the only one reading this. Well, I can hardly wait.

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