Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Over the Shoulder Boulder Holder?

I always thought that was a funny description for a bra. Anyway, the next bag in a now obsessive stream: Amy Butler's Frenchy bag. This pattern was very easy and quick. I used a quilted sew-in interfacing that was, frankly, easier than all the iron-on interfacing I've been using. However, with two layers of home dec weight fabric, I really didn't need it. I think I'm going to give this one to my friend Tonya for her birthday. She made the mistake of admiring my orange birdie sling, and well, mental note, she's now on the gift list. She lives in Cleveland, so if she doesn't carry the bag, I'll never know. 

1 comment:

karyn said...

the bag looks amazing in that denyse schmidt fabric. i've made the birdie sling, but i think the frenchy would be a good smaller bag to have too!