Monday, August 25, 2008

Looking up

Summer Trees
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I read a post about rejoicing in the everyday. Not the first, not the last. It moved me though. Literally.

I shut the laptop. Grabbed the boys and told them to come with me now. Actually, I had no plan in mind. They followed me to the front yard.

It was dusk. We laid on our backs in the middle of the front yard. It's a leafy view with a chunk of sky in the shape of Florida, right through the middle. I figured something would happen, or at least, we could just listen for a few minutes. Nature came through.

Bats. We counted about 17 of them in five minutes or so. A few swooped rather close to us and others made crazy circles right into the trees. The boys thought that was so cool that we had bats in the yard. Really, I had no idea they were there.

Sometimes you just have to stop and look.


molly said...

your comment on the rejoice evermore post made my day. what a wonderful story, an amazing moment. thank you for sharing it with me....

Molly said...

good stuff. bats are great for the plants you know. thanks for the link back to Molly and her post, too. There are a bunch of us out there it seems.