Monday, May 23, 2011

When Your Kid Puts on His Own Pull-Up, You Know You Missed a Window


I guess this is birth-order in action.

My number three is four years old.   As twins, numbers one & two had to do a lot of things on their own simply because I couldn't do it all.  Now that I am parenting a singleton toddler (or little boy, whatever), I realize I can throw that twin guilt out the window, because there's a new inadequacy coming right down the track.

Today my sweet Jack began to turn into Violet Beauregard right before my eyes.  First, when I refused to put his pull-up on so he could finish his morning constitution (he still has potty issues), he ran to his room, stripped down, put on the pull-up, re-dressed himself and did his thing.  Later, when he yelled for me to wipe his nose for about the 20th time that day, I felt a barely contained urge to wipe it right off his face.  And at bedtime, he suddenly lost that ability to dress and undress himself and danced around the room while I maniacally chased him with p.j. pants, opened so he could slide each leg in.   Then it hit me:  I'm creating a monster.

Tomorrow, the madness will end. The nose I wipe will be my own.  Same for the shoes I put on and the pants I slide legs into.  I am laughing at myself because this image clashes with the one I had of myself.  Max & Alex were, by necessity, so self sufficient that I silently mocked those coddling moms.  And now, I have become one.

Serves me right.  I must remember to be kind both to myself, and to the other moms.


Tara Thayer said...

i think you and i may have had the same realization at the same time: mine's a little different in content, but the same in that i've picked up my head from raising anna and realized i may need to readjust my m.o. a bit.

and hi.

and i think your photos are awesome. don't lose the black and white.

stacy said...

Oh Jilly Jill Jill. Such fun to find this and read everything all at once! Thanks for commenting on my blog; now I return the favor. And, um, we really need to see each other! Too much in common (photography, struggles, snacks, loss, motherhood, Jenkintown). I know I'm far, but I'm not as far as those beautiful VA mountains. xxx