Thursday, May 19, 2011

Newborn session numero uno.

Why do they call it a shoot?  Sounds menacing when partnered with newborn.  We'll go with session.

Here's delicious little James.  So beautifully tiny and so brand new.

I sent an email to a mom in our preschool right after she emailed us the announcement, explaining that photography was my hobby and I would love to take some pictures of her new guys.  I went over when he was seven days old, and oh my, he was just so delicious.  Here's some of his loveliness.

Color correcting these was tough.  I used the gold side of the reflector (mistake -- too gold) and the dark blue wall above the wainscoating cast a blue glow (see his tush).  Watch the wall color and use the white side.  Lesson learned. 
I put his little images up on smugmug based on a recommendation from a photographer friend.  Great way to get a website up quickly which links to a terrific lab.  There's not much there yet, but if you care to look, here's mine:

Next:  the New Orleans trip.

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Margaret said...

Oh, these are wonderful. I wish I had photosnlike this of my son when he was a baby. You have such a wonderful eye. Thanks for also posting bout the reflector and color correction. I am interested in how people make their pictures look like they do.