Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feelin it.

In my photo class this week we went through a sequencing exercise which was quite eye opening and frankly, a little bruising to my fragile ego.  Our assignment was to get 40 work prints made at Adorama (learning to work with a lab) of our work-in-progress final assignment.  We then brought the prints to class, spread them on a table, and the group of six sorted the photos by which ones they liked, didn't and were on the fence.  Gulp.

My project centers around the life of boys, though admittedly, I have yet to really drill it down beyond that.  While of course, there were nice things said, the critiques were the toughest to hear.  And yet, once I was able to process things, they were spot on, and will certainly up my game.  I just hate negative feedback and have never been good at it.

Here's a few of what I set on the table:

The most constructive feedback was to mix it up more.  To work on new angles, new expressions, try some new lenses and new ideas.  People wanted more range of motion, more details and more environment.  OK, I guess it's good they wanted more.  Show the struggle, someone said.

Also, many suggested to lose the b&w.  Well, that's easy enough. I like b&W beacause I feel it lends a timeless feeling to the childhood  images and also, frankly, because I think it's more forgiving of some of my attempts to get rid of color casts.

Anyway, on this day, I'm resolved to try some new things.  I don't know that I captured the struggle, but I'll tell you this -- I'm feeling it.

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Amy said...

i think they are all lovely jill. really.