Tuesday, May 3, 2011

To Virginia

We haven't been to Virginia to visit our family there for over two years.  I forgot the beauty of central Virginia in April.  It was a peek into spring fast forwarded four weeks.
And you can't beat an afternoon into the Blue Ridge Mountains.  (Yes, John Denver's Country Roads was a recurring theme.  Kids didn't appreciate my vocals though. Philistines)

Eight hours plus each way in the moving living room we call our car.  Mark drove both legs.  Such a good egg.  I love the 2.5 hour stretch from DC to Charlottesville, but the rest is a slog along I-95.  Don't tell him, but for a while there I was behind him with the laptop open, my headphones on watching Marie Antoinette like an in-flight movie.

I really don't mind the drive, but I would love to have family close enough for Sunday dinner.

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