Friday, April 29, 2011

testing. Trying things on for size.

I had a gig today.  A shoot.  I'm shooting portraits for an advertising agency's web site (I have connections).  They're not sure what they wanted so today we just tested some ideas.

If you have the chance to do something like this, I recommend clarifying the brief first.  Ask questions like:
- what do you want people to think about your business when they see these images?
- how will they appear (a grid, a map, filmstrip style, against white, with type at the bottom)
- what do you like/dislike about your current images?
- who is coming to this website? Who are you trying to attract?
- what's your timeline, your budget?
- what kind of access will I have to the people I'm shooting?  How long?

I'm laughing, because this list makes me sound much better prepared than I was.  Really, I didn't ask all the right questions. At all.  But, that's ok, because today we were just testing. Trying some ideas to see what worked.  I find I'm pushing myself to be perfect and of course, that won't happen.

Also, don't forget to say things like, "let me think about that and get back to you."

It was fun, exciting, nervewracking.  I feel like such a rube, but I am further ahead than I was last summer, that's for sure.

Um, this background idea is so distracting.  I thought it would look like his work, but it just makes you look at the pictures.  (they are my kids and even me.  this used to be my husband's office).

I am trying to go easier on myself.  

I think I do best when I'm just prowling around documenting things rather than setting them up and posing people.  These last two are my favs, me thinks.

p.s.  I just love that Periodic Table of Typefaces poster on the wall here.  

Whew.  That was scary and thrilling, like all the best roller coasters.  Except I couldn't scream.


Jane said...

I agree...I noticed you and your kids right away. I think the ones where they are just working away and then just look up...gotcha...are the best. Especially for an ad company. Good luck Jill! You are braver than I!

Molly Irwin said...


Yes, that poster makes a great background. Also, I like the candid nature of the last. Makes them seem so much more approachable, vulnerable.

Kristyn Knits said...

so glad you linked to your place! congratulations on stepping out! love your favorites as well- especially that periodic table.

Amy said...

actually the first two are my favorites jill - i think you did great! (how did i miss this? i think i've been living in a cave.) and thank you for the tips on what to ask - all good advice! now, off to look at your newborn stuff closer. i love me some newborns! xo