Saturday, June 19, 2010

she shoots, she scores!

I did it.

The casting call for pregnant women went out across the Internet and some NY print, with enticing prizes like a year of free diapers, three years of photo books and a modeling fee.    The main shot was a tight crop of the women cradling their bumps, but I practiced some others while I had them.

With such beautiful models, the images were lovely, but it wasn't perfect.   Here are some little things I learned:
- pregnant hands are super veiny (all that blood).  Have mom lift her hands just before the shot.
- need more photoshop experience (see above).
- music really helps (I did get this one right).
- the internet again, comes through. I found a tutorial on posing pregnant women and printed out many of the poses to demonstrate or show the women the pictures.  It really helped to have poses in mind.  Also, so great to get five chances on the same subject.
- when you have your camera and even the most makeshift studio, people really assume that you know what you're doing (ha!).
- need more lighting experience, though my speed light with a snap-on diffuser actually did a nice job.
- when you think you have enough pictures, take ten more.
- moisturizer would have helped.  Hands, bellies - it makes skin look better.  Manicures are good too.
- clips came in handy (I had packed those.) And I had my lint brush but didn't use it.  Should have.
- take a little extra time if you can.  A willing adult model will be much more patient than my usual subjects and I think I was rushing as if they were going to dash off to something else.
- pregnant women are so beautiful (knew that).  And wow, there are some gorgeous ones just wandering around.
- anything can happen in the world's best city:  NYC!

Email me if you want to see some pics.  I don't think I'm allowed to post them.  If I know you, I'll send you a few, just for personal use.

Here's my little studio set up though.

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Amy said...

Turn off the computer for a few days and see what I miss? How fun! Some sage advice you've offered up and wonderful experience under your belt. I'd love to see the shots! (And if you ever need help with the photoshop part - just give me a shout).