Monday, June 14, 2010

Paying Gig

That's right. You don't need glasses (Though I almost do.  Don't you just love when the doctor says, "well, you weren't imagining it." No shit, Sherlock.  That's why I'm here.)  Anyway, I got myself a paying gig.

Now, before you start virtually patting me on the back, keep in mind that my husband's in advertising, where they need all kinds of photog types, and they have all kinds of clients who would be happy to spend very little money for said photogs.  It was my husband's way of throwing me a bone.  Enter me.  It's really one to file under, "well, you gotta start somewhere" because I'm shooting a casting call for a pregnant belly they are using for an online ad campaign. Yes, pregnant ladies, but specifically, their bumps.  As the art director emailed my husband, "are we even going to use any of these shots?" in response to my request that they ask the ladies to make sure their nails were cleanly manicured and that they wore solid colored pants & shirts.  Ha.  Wouldn't he feel like a jackass if one of the women showed up in a dress?  Anyway, I have studied pregnant bellies all over the internet and I'm ready to capture the most beautiful orbs since Neil Armstrong's view from the moon.

Oh, and the pay?  Mark mentioned there might be a need for lighting.  Lighting?  I just know to turn off  my flash and shoot by the north window.  Well, I bought myself a speedlight, a little snap on diffuser and a how-to book.  Add my train fare and I think I'm only in the hole $10!

Wish me luck.  I am literally losing sleep over this.


Tara Thayer said...

oh jill...i'm laughing (i think WITH you) and nodding my head in recognition, too. good luck, my friend. it will be thrilling. at least for you. please let us know how it goes! and at the very least, you are getting a day away from the boys? yes? xo tara

Jane said...

I've been thinking about you! How did it go?

Jill said...

It really was thrilling. Loved it!