Friday, June 25, 2010


Here I am still awake while the others have long since called it a day.  I'm still packing, sorting, trying to think of just one more thing to make it special.  Tomorrow is a big day around here. We're leaving to take my two older boys to their first time at sleepaway camp.  gulp.

I am nervous for them.  I am biting my cheek sometimes, so they won't see me cry.  You might laugh at me, because it's only two weeks, but it seems like a very long time for them to be on their own.  We re-read some of the highlights on the camp web site together tonight and the boys faces lit up like fireflies.  Alex wants to take guitar lessons and try water skiiing.  Max wants to go wake boarding on day one and hit the rifelery range.  Their minds are full of the camp-wide scavenger hunts and hikes through the woods and jumps in the lake.  I admire their courage and confidence.  I told Max that I had printed out a bunch of pictures to tape inside of his trunk lid, and he told me not too, that it would make him miss us too much.

I bit my cheek.  Yeah, I know what you mean.


Amy said...

oh sweetie. i've got no words here. just sympathy. xo

Tara Thayer said...

i'm in the exact opposite camp here, jill. less than two hours ago, tim drove away with all six girls in the car to go camping until tuesday. i've never been alone even one night, and i'm alternately panicked for me and them. i even tell myself i can always drive up on monday or...sunday? and meet them. surprise them. maybe the surprise would be if i didn't, though.
hang in there and i'll tell you what you would tell me, i suppose: you will be alright. you and the kids. it's good for everybody. even if it doesn't feel so good.
xo, and enjoy.?!

Jane said...

oh, I hope you do better than I did. We'll talk about this in two weeks. hugs!

molly said...

Oh I can't imagine. Hang in there. Maybe painting would help?

PS love what you're doing with the formating over here.