Saturday, June 5, 2010

Late night dabbling

Aside from my classwork, I've practiced at home when I can.   One night, the big boys watched a movie upstairs, Jack went to bed and Mark was traveling.  I made an ultra easy dinner, put a movie on in the background, and set up this still life on the kitchen counter.  And then, painted until midnight.  I love doing that, even though I sometimes find it hard to sleep when I'm finished because I'm actually so keyed up.  It also gives me a deadline of sorts, so I don't overwork things.  On the down side, with the overhead lights kind of low and a little IKEA desk lamp aimed at my fruit, it makes it hard to see the colors sometimes, and I can be a bit surprised in the morning.  The red-violet on this one was a bit brighter than I thought, but I decided to keep it.  8X10 on a stretched canvas.

Kind of art show theme here lately, but this space is show & tell, now isn't it?

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Maegan Beishline said...

I really like the colors in this, Jill! I would love to be able to stay up until midnight painting...sounds like a great night!