Friday, June 4, 2010

Aging. It really does happen to the best of us.

I'm 40. 

One thing that's been making me feel old lately is how many of my peers have either already lost a parent, like I have, or have parents who are ill.  I think part of this awareness comes from facebook, where I'm hearing from folks who wouldn't normally be on the radar.  But still, two of my high school classmates lost a parent this week.  One from emphysema; the other, a brain aneurysm.  And I can think of two other high school friends who've lost parents in the past few months.  Did I mention there were 38 kids in my graduating class?  Not great odds there for that generation of parents.  A college friend recently lost her mom to breast cancer -- oh, sadly, the list goes on.

Anyway, call your mom or dad today just to shoot the breeze.  My mom is having dental surgery today, but I'm pretty confident the biggest pain there is going to be the jumbo bill. I'm also taking some time today to exercise and plan our meals for the next week.  I want to be around to see my grandchildren grow up.  Well, sorry for the glum post.  Just thinking...

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Molly said...

This post ... oh how i can relate.

But first: I LOVE the paintings ALL of them, even the boys on the beach. I love that you are so engaged in the process, and that is what art is all about.

Back to the aging, I'm older than you, I'm 46. I often wonder how much is hormonal, but often I feel unwelcome in my own skin. This summer I'm adopting some of my old restrictive eating habits that kept me feeling so young for so long. It's already helping to some degree -- not that I'm advocating extremes for everyone, but for me I know it helps.

Yeah ... facebook. I'm depresssed over there at times. A kid (from HS) has parkinstons. Another friend's Stepfather just passed. This is certainly an age of responsibilities that no matter how we try to plan, I don't think any of us factor in having a parent go to residential care. It always comes as an issue, rather than a progression.

I'm not having an easy time with aging, and I feel guilty addressing it because most people would look at me and see a trim, happy person. I'll get no empathy.

Sorry for the novella.

You really struck a chord today.

You should know you look beautiful as always. I'm sure Mark thinks so too.

(... and as a final irony ... my word verification is f-l-a-p-l-i-t, just like the body part under my upper arm. Ha ha.)