Friday, July 1, 2011

my besties

24 Years ago, or so, I met my best friends.  We didn't click on the same day, we kind of tumbled together and stuck through four years of college.  I remember those days so fondly it sometimes aches.  We did crazy things and we had each other's backs like nobody's business.  Most of all, we laughed and really, we just loved each other.  I now see these girls (they will always be girls) once a year, when I'm lucky.  We email and talk, but not all that often.  The great world spins.  We hang on.  

This year, we met in New Orleans, LA for a four day weekend.  One of us couldn't make it (the past decade has been dotted with pregnancies, babies -- those things that keep you home) but she will always be there in spirit.

For four days, we regressed. Counseled.  Laughed.  Cried (that was only me, I think) and of course sang, danced and caroused until the wee hours.  We are a lot of fun, doncha know.

These are my besties.  


Jane said...

What great pictures! You can tell that you had a great time with your wonderful friends. Isn't funny how quickly you can fall back in with your college friends no matter how long it's been between visits?

Jill said...

thanks, Jane. You know, it's really so magical. My only regret is that I didn't go to college closer to home because my college friends live in Ohio and D.C! I don't think the alma mater really mattered in getting a job, but it really matters in where your friends settle. Who knew?

Kristyn Knits said...

your photos definitely capture the love and friendship between you! college friends can become friends for life. looks like you've found yours!