Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's rough out there sometimes.

Tuesday.  Ouch.

Finally had my 504 meeting with the school to get my son the accommodations I know he needs. I've been fighting for this meeting for years, knowing that his writing just wasn't there.  But still. It's hard to see the work laid out, to hear it all from a table of experts, to think about how hard it must be for him.  He has dysgraphia and ADD.  I know, I know, there are tons of worse things, but that doesn't mean I want this one.

Two hours later, I took Jack to the allergist to get the results from his latest test.  Not only were all of his numbers up (the list is long, but the short version is:  nuts, peanuts, sesame, eggs), but there were more on the list:  fish, trees and grasses.  Oh, and we got our first rescue inhaler because he seems to have acquired allergy-induced asthma this spring.  He can't eat so many foods, and it's a life-threatening consequence if he does.  Another eating issue.  Why is eating so difficult for so many of us?  Evolution still has some work to do there.

So many things to be thankful for, which should be my next post, but I'm wallowing here.  The kids didn't see me cry in the car.  We do have so many blessings, and oh Lord, life can be so much worse.  But sometimes, I just have to acknowledge that it can suck, and then move on.


Margaret said...

Yes, indeed, it can get bad. You have the attitude that will make it suck less.

Jane said...

Worrying about your child is what us mothers do best. Tonight wallow and then tomorrow start counting your blessings. You're allowed. :)

Amy said...

wallow yes. please don't feel guilty about it. sure, it could be worse but you still have to deal with all of this and it sucks with a capital s. wallow for a while to gather up the strength you need and cry in the car. cry to your friends, your husband. but you know you can do this. i'm sorry though, for you, that you have to. and for jack too.

but jill, can i just say - street photography - might just be your muse. wow. that image? breathtaking. amazing.

loved seeing you. thank you so much for letting jake tag along. he really enjoyed talking photog. with us.

and if you need to talk special services and navigating the school districts - i'm your girl.