Saturday, July 16, 2011

watching people watching pictures

I love to go to art museums alone.  Sometimes I get lonely, when it's time to have a cappuchino in the cafe -- so much better with husband, friends or kids -- but when it's time to wander and soak it in, I like to feel like I'm almost invisible.

Last night, I went to the Met.  I wanted to watch the people watching the art, since I just saw some great photos of that....somewhere.  Forgot my camera, but had my new little iphone.  It's not the same as my camera, not even close, but it's okay to play with.

First, pictures of people looking at paintings that matched their outfits.  I am going to go back and explore this idea further.  It was surprisingly easy to find, and it amused me to no end.  I love having a little mission in mind.

In this case, it matched her hair.

Next, a little hipstomatic time with the Greeks.  (they might have been Romans -- I didn't read the tags). I'm imagining the sculpters enticing the young models to take off their clothes for the session.  It may have been like an ancient casting couch.

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Denise | Chez Danisse said...

And here it is, your "museums alone" post! Love the visitors matching the works they were viewing. Interesting how many you found in one day. I know what you mean about your cappuccino, they do go well with conversation.