Tuesday, July 5, 2011

here's how it is today.

We're home from Maine (back on Friday) and it's very quiet.  Max & Alex are at camp through July 23rd (4 weeks) and it's strange, but kind of nice and kind of sad.  We got the chance to talk to them yesterday though, and they sounded very busy and happy while we were mostly doing chores around here and reading and taking walks -- things that make the boys crazy.  They get to choose their weekly schedule and I had to laugh that Alex chose snorkeling.  In a lake.  Yuck. Why not go for waterskiing?  I don't know.  His favorite thing, of course, is riflery.  He enclosed some folded up, shot-up targets in his one letter home.  

Max was teary when we left him, but he sounded much better, didn't mention coming home.  Though he did suddenly sound a little desperate when we said we'd speak in a week.  I do write them daily, which we all like.  It's really kind of fun, writing to your kids. I put stickers in for their trunks and hunt for dorky postcards and dumb greeting cards that they think are funny and usually I wouldn't buy.  Max asked for a larger memory card for his camera.  And he was gearing up for a huge game of Stealth (sort of like ghost in the grave yard or nighttime hide & seek) that night.

Jack is adjusting quite well to his solo gig, I think.  He really enjoys being the only child and having free reign over the computer and choice of tv show.  I think he's enjoying his break from attending everyone else's lessons/games/shows/practices.  He's still asleep right now (his bedtime has inched later) but when he wakes up - ha! camp starts for him today. I think it's a good thing we didn't have an only child.  I think we would be too indulgent to be good at it.

 My life went from hysterically mad in June to nice and slow in July with a whiplash speed.  Now I'm having trouble revving up again.  As you can imagine, I have put together quite a list of things I will accomplish while the boys are away.  So far, I've checked off "unpack."

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