Tuesday, December 21, 2010

my eyes are blurry

I really think I need glasses. The eye doctor says not yet, but I don't believe him.  I couldn't read a lipstick cap in Sephora today.

I get so overwhelmed by Christmas, no matter how hard I try. But wow, Christmas good is really good. It made my day to watch the two older guys who direct the carpool traffic amass little gift piles on the sidewalk as the kids and drivers opened the windows to hand them little treats.

Instead of scurrying around like a good little Christmas doobie on Sunday, I joined the boys for a hike to treasure island.  It's a tiny pennisula actually, accessible by a path behind some giant McMansions and old school mansions on the sound.  We always talk about taking a picnic there in summer, but hasn't happened.  We should call it Tick Island, because those are the year-round residents.

Now, time to put off for today what I could put off until tomorrow.

 Doesn't that wood pile inspire you?  Or at least make you feel prepared?

 There's a grove of gorgeous, tall bamboo along the way.

 That golden grass is marsh grass. you can't walk on it without knee-high boots, low tide and a knowledge of how to escape from quick sand.

Little cabin in the woods. Seriously, it's this doll house in the way back of someone's property.  I think they use it for storage, but I just love it.   I would love to fix it up for a studio, a little guest cottage or love shack for teens (just checking to see if anyone reads this far).

Ho Ho Ho.


molly said...

... but it doesn't have a tin roof ... rusted!

Sounds like your season is far more relaxed. I love that kind of christmas too. That bamboo shot is wonderful, btw.

Jane said...

Love all these pics...a teen love shack? Bite your tongue. Just you wait to see what you have in store. Merry Christmas Jill. Enjoy your family.