Wednesday, December 29, 2010

three + three

Three things that are dragging me down this morning:
1.Watery coffee
2. The garage runneth over with trash.  Seriously, there is so much cardboard out there (I've missed the recycling a few times) that you could build a life-sized cardboard village.  You have to flatten and tie into lovely twined bundles for the recycling guys to toss it in the truck, and even then, they are fickle.  It's such a pet peeve of mine, but refusing to participate has gotten me nowhere.
3. There's a mouse in our house.  Yuck.

Three jolly good things:
1.  No homework! Again!
2.  The-biggest-Christmas-tree-I-have-ever-had is still in our dining room.  It will move to the tope column soon, but for now, it's still jolly good.
3. Christmas day is over, but the Christmas holiday continues.  My favorite part.
4. My kindle.  I have entered the 21st century, and you, know, I'm digging it.
5. My D is for DiMassimo book arrived!  I made a 2010 book with an ABC theme for our family this year.  It came today and I love it.  I guess I'll post pictures of it later, since I can't link to the layout.

Here's a few of my little nephew Luca and his lovely parents.  They wanted a family picture.  Fooling around with some PS actions, which can get a little crazy, but post processing can be a jolly good thing too.  

Look at that, more jolly than crabby.  I'll end there.


molly said...

We got a kindle too! So far I've only uploaded one book ... for Helen. I'll have a turn eventually. Can't wait to see your 'D' is for DiMassimo book!

linda logan said...

On the way to looking up willibald ulbing, I read a blog from you on a painting you purchased in 2009..thought you might like this, my dad was in vienna as a gi in 1946..this artist painted a pic. of my mom and me from a photo dad carried thru the war..I was repairing the back and found the name tag, just like yours, only my # is 50613..linda logan