Sunday, August 8, 2010

miss her

Sometimes a night out in the city re-charges my batteries.  I have always had a city-girl heart, and I love the action, the whimsy, the chaos of the city.  I could people watch and eavesdrop all day long here, filling myself up with the latest trends without being noticed. 
But last Friday night, it made me feel a little too nostalgic for my younger self.  Maybe it was just having a birthday, and remembering my age, or just looking around at the crowd at the rooftop bar and realizing that I used to be one of those girls, and now I most certainly am not.  I'm not old enough to be their mother just yet (well, technically, I could be, but it's not like I have kids in their twenties), it's just the realization that ship has really left the port and sailed away.
Not that I really want to go back (ok, it would be fun for a day), but sometimes in the suburbs you forget that glorious beauty that is being in your twenties.  Enjoy it, kids.


Jane said...

Ha! I wonder if you saw my sister while out. She's 24 and lives in the city and is having the time of her life. Me, I could do it for a day, but that's it. My body couldn't take it!

molly said...

I feel this way too often, missing that girl still inside me who wants to come out and play. I felt the division quite strongly at a recent wedding with all the younger girls up dancing, and me dancing with my daughter. Fun, but not the same.

Had (a rare) lunch with my girls yesterday and felt sort of re-connected to that person again.

I'm feeling in-between and think it's natural, but not easy. With you on this, Jill.

molly said...

love that top photo, too.