Monday, August 16, 2010

Down the Shore

We picked a last minute vacation this year, and we're down in Delaware at the beach.  It's really quite lovely and just the right speed for 10, 10, 3, 41 & 48 year-olds.

Don't think I can upload a thing until we get home.  I'm also quite paranoid about taking my camera to the beach after losing a lens mount last year due to sand.  Potty training has also gone on the back burner again, which does not bode well for my back-to-school dreams. 

Still three weeks of summer left though.  One child is actually nearly finished his summer assignments.  The other one, I have to give him a daily prod to keep it going.  Ugh.  It's reminding me of school already.  I'm not ready.

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traceyclark said...

hey jill, i think you might be away but i just sent you flick mail. : ) just a heads up.