Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Inside the Elves Workshop: a patchwork bag, a purple flower, a pair of pears

I love receiving homemade gifts, but I don't give as many as I used to, or really, as many as I'd like to. I'm too fragile to give to see my handmade gifts received in a cursory way by folks who just don't quite realize the time and love of a homemade gift, or may not want it.  Some people would really rather have a gift card or something lovely and delightful from the mall.  Sigh.

Molly's making a beautiful book, chronicling the holiday with daily entries and her gorgeous pictures.  I love seeing her process as well as the product, so I thought I'd put up a few shots of some things in progress over here.

First, a patchwork bag for a smart friend on her way back to school. This:

is supposed to become this:

from this book

And I made these beaded flowers:

which may become necklaces, or pins or something (ideas?) but I'm not sure that I like them.

I have few other works which are not camera-ready or cannot be shown yet.  But here's one of my paintings in progress.  Slow going and not that impressive, but I'm learning a lot from my new teacher and am loving the process, even if the product is not quite what I'm going for.

What are your favorite things to give?


Tara Thayer said...

i love the honest confession that it's hard to give handmade when you have a list of people who are really just looking for a gift card. i have a lot of that going on in my extended family.
every year i've busted the budget to take the easy way out, but not this year.
if they are not happy with the photos and handmade goodies i've been exicited to buy on etsy and from my friends, then i guess it's just up to me to move on and know i've done my best.
are you ok with that? i'm trying to be.

molly said...

Jill, I LOVE your new format with bigger photos! And this first patchwork piece is wonderful. I do adore things in progress. Maybe that's why I take so long to finish. I just love to hold them with consideration "what do you want to become?" I'll ask the thing. When it comes to gifting, I question my skills. Can sew for myself, sure ... but is the quality good enough to give??? That's what goes on in my head. Also, your talent and range in this post is fantastic. Remember our plan?

It's late; enough yammering.

Dag said...

your patchwork creation is adorable - i'm sure the bag will turn out great! PJs it is in my home right now, pics still to come on the blog... happy sewing and creating to you!

Sarah said...

wow these are some awesome gifts! you are so talented