Saturday, December 26, 2009

Joy to You

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I grumbled about this holiday season, but indeed, joy prevailed. I've reflected and ruminated to myself, but thought I'd share some of the highlights, so I don't forget next year, when the anxiety begins anew.
My favorite things -

- taking Max & Alex to the Polka-Dot Penguin Pottery to paint travel tea mugs for their dad. We made a few ornaments too.
- Seeing Mark's love for his dear grandparents. Very tired from working the way only crazy ad guys work, he and two of the kids drove five hours round trip on Christmas Eve to take Grandma & Grandpa to an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet lunch. (Which my boys proclaimed "truly awesome")
- the Christmas cards. Reading them, sending them, hanging them up.
- scrambling to make peppermint bark for favorite teachers the morning of the last day of school (I couldn't quelch that lovely impulse from the kids).
- seeing the elation on Christmas morning as everyone beheld the glory of a gift-laden tree
- actually chilling on Christmas day.  For the first time (I think ever), we didn't travel, didn't host.  I would be lonely if that were the norm, but it was a rather lovely exception.
- snuggling with my husband after three tired and satiated boys dropped into their beds. 
- Oh, one of the best - tucking Max & Alex into their box for four nights in a row.  We got a new TV this year for the big family gift, and Max & Alex decided that the box made the most perfect bed.  They piled in pillows, blankets and a litte reading light and slept in there for four nights.   

Wow.  It wasn't a freight train after all.  Hope yours was full of fuzzy moments too.

(Oh I would have more photos to post, but I can't find the dang cord that goes from the camera to the computer.  See, it wasn't all silver & gold.)


Tara Thayer said...

i love the sleeping box! isn't that always the way?
someday, will you give me the peppermint bark recipe?
and i'm glad you found so many quiet, simple moments.
best wishes, jill. see you in the new year.

Amy said...

Thank you for sharing your list - it is full of smiles indeed. Here's to more get togethers in the new year.