Friday, December 11, 2009

Is that a Light at the End of the Tunnel or a Freight Train?

I'm sorry, but sometimes that's how I feel about Christmas.  It used to be my favorite time of year, but the older I get, the more I would like Christmas to be less.  In my household, I feel responsible for everyone's Christmas experience, and that's a lot to carry around all month.   I want Christmas to look and feel and smell as lovely and magical for them as it does in my memories.  Yet, I hate having to shop, shop, shop and decorating with a two-year-old has its limits (yes, that was the sound of crashing ornaments).  Witness the busted Christmas trumpet.

I think I need to throw up a few more strings of twinkle lights and gather the little souls around the fire to get back in the spirit.  Either that or call my mom and thank her for the Christmas miracles she pulled off so many years ago.



Amy said...

Or maybe both! ;) Even though I don't have kids (or even nieces or nephews), I find it too much some years as well, and opt for the happy relaxed feeling without the tree and the decorations (but others would not understand if we gave up the gift-giving!), as I'll be doing this year. If it all gets to be too stressful then none of it turns out to be fun. Keep it fun and happy, and fit in whatever things you can.

Lauren Ashley said...

I love the banner on your blog!

Your holiday pictures are great.