Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flip Hunting

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That's what my husband calls it.

He had such a great idea today. We divided into two teams (mom+1, dad+2) and went over to the nature sanctuary. There's a trail we've done a zillion times that often evokes groans from the kids, but this time was different. Each team had a flip camera with the charge to video all forms of wildlife found in 40 minutes (that's about how much light we had left). We assigned points to each - 1 for bird, 4 for rabbit, 5 for deer -- with the judge's ruling final. The kids dashed into the woods and had a great time looking at things they often run by. After dinner, we reviewed all the videos and awarded prizes (Fizzy Lizzie's). We already have plans to do it again. You could easily play this game with cameras, cell phones, etc., but the Flips are nice because you can track the action and it's fun to listen to the audio.

We lost by 2.5 points, by the way, but it was close enough to be declared a tie.


molly said...

Great idea of using technology to engage the kids. Give them terms they can relate to. That's a sweet little video too.

Amy said...

Aside from that being totally fun - you've just inspired a Hanukkah gift - which I desperately needed. Thank you. Flip camera here I come.