Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Boy in Green Cables

We're all Irish today, aren't we? Actually, I am part Irish (Northern Irish, by way of Scotland). Today was a day for green and a day for handknits. And of course, every handknit has a story (part of their charm).

Suddenly this morning I was possessed with the idea of finishing the only sweater I have ever finished. You see, it was ABB (All But Buttons). Yes, it took five minutes to finish something I started on a train about four years ago. I was knitting a sweater for a friend's new baby on the way from NY to Washington DC. I didn't know it, but I was pregnant at the time. I ended up giving the friend's baby something else because I didn't finish that sweater. And, it was a short pregnancy -- just nine weeks long. Fast forward to my pregnancy with my now two-year-old. While nesting during that pregnancy (oh the luxury of having my older two in school all day), I finished the sweater, well, A.B.B. It's a size two, so I didn't feel so rushed to put on the buttons.

Anyway, it sat in his closet looking lovely for two years. Today, in a feverish rush, I added the buttons. They are from one of my dad's old cardigans. Sniff. A great recycle. When Jack outgrows the sweater, I'll snip the buttons before handing it on. I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn which is an absolutely gorgeous shade of green, a ridiculously soft yarn, but already pilling after a wearing. I love the colors of this yarn, but I knew it would pill from other projects.

The sweater debuted today. The sales guy in the sneaker store really liked it (though he did ask if someone made it -- is that a good thing? He was very crunchy, so I take it as a yes). He was the only adult besides me who saw it today.

We'll take the luck of the Irish, but we need to make our own luck too.


Amy said...

It's truly spectacular! And I recognize the pattern from Kristen Nicolas' book. I've made it before but mine doesn't fit anyone anymore - sniff. Really - beautiful work. I know we live in the same county - wondering where you do your yarn shopping...

molly said...

Well, i would definately take that question with a positive connotation.

The sweater is absolutely beautiful, and fits him perfectly. He models it well.