Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who's Side Are You On?

A while ago, Molly posted about her bedside reading. I love those kind of intimate daily glimpses that people afford through their blogs. Yesterday, an unexpected snow day, offered a slower paced morning than usual and I had time for a few captures of our morning. First, the two nightstands. This view always cracks me up because I used to think that I was the intellectual of our pairing. Ha. Take a look at our bedstand reading, completely unedited and you tell me, who's the deeper thinker? There's also a pile under the bed along similar lines.


and His (the book on the top left is The Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire. Just some light bedtime reading:


Aimee said...

My husband and I are almost like the two of you. I have stacks of pretty light stuff and my husband only has three books. Two are pretty intense, but one is Calvin and Hobbes! It makes me laugh!

molly said...

That's a good stack! Very similar to us; Paul with his 'Letters of Fallen Englishmen' and me with Lotta and Martha. Though I do (like you) have some 'real' reading mixed in too.

Rebekah said...

My husband and I are very similar. Although I usually do the "heavy" reading, I've been into craft books lately and he's putting me to shame with all of his smart stuff :)