Thursday, January 15, 2009

OK, some Crafty Goods Already

Well, it's snowing, it's cold and I haven't had as much time out in my little grey cottage lately. Plus, it doubled as Santa's Workshop and that Santa sure leaves a mess.

I'm not big on giving handmade gifts.  I used to be, but it can be a giant let down for both giver and receiver if receiver really just wanted a gift card or a wii game.  Verbatim from our holiday.
Scene:  Jill sitting in chair knitting away on a striped scarf.  Minding my own business while everyone else just sat there and watched tv. Ahem.

John:  What are you making?
Jill:  Oh, a scarf.
John:  Why... so you can just go right over and give it to the Goodwill?  [self-congratulatory chuckle here]

Yes, hilarious.

Anyway, some knits...

The red scarf is a 1x1 rib with manos, kid silk haze and some heavier mohair together in three shades of red (as my son would say, dang, that red is hard to shoot.)

The mittens have been shown before, I believe.  I plundered the stash for some worsted weight Colinette which was once destined to be part of some hideous blanket.  They've gotten a lot of use so far.  Someone wrote that people complain that mittens are hard to drive in.  Her response:  drive less. I have to wonder what you're driving that's so tricky with mittens.  The space shuttle, I'll give you, but they work fine in a mini van.

I sewed the third scarf.  It's just a skein of Colinette Point Five with a few lines across every few inches.  It makes a very lightweight scarf from a heavy yarn.  Plus, it's a scarf in an hour and how can you beat that?  

The fuschia/blue/purple one is a  mistake stitch rib from Noro Kureyon.  It's a bit short, a bit itchy but so well loved by the third grade knitting club. They gasped when they saw it. Erica, Moena and Mai -- the three Japanese girls in the class -- were allowed to try it on first, since Kureyon is made in Japan. I'd like to think my knitting wowed them, but let's be honest, it's kind of a third grade color scheme.  Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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molly said...

Oh your knitting is very much inspiring me to take out my grandmother's needles. I think I would live in that red scarf.

I've been looking at (not really reading, just looking) a book on the subject off and on for weeks. Don't know why I find it more intimidating than learning a new photoshop action. I need to get to the local yarn shop pronto to get some quality worsted wool.