Sunday, January 11, 2009

Still Here!

Hello out there. I'm still here.

I got a little sucked into the holiday vortex and then fell off the blogging wagon.

Also, I'm feeling somewhat vulnerable lately and sort of pulled back from my "exposure" on the Internet.

First, I lost my camera on December 19th. Actually, I'm pretty sure that it was stolen. I had it at school shooting my son's third grade "wax museum" then went to lunch with some friends. I distinctly remember taking it out of my bag to lighten my load before lunch. Later in the day, I wanted to upload my photos and my camera was not in the car. I searched EVERYWHERE and I am pretty convinced that someone took it out of the car. It is very possible that I left the doors unlocked. I don't usually do that, but it might have happened. Anyway, I had not camera for the entire holiday, including our Christmas Eve party, Christmas morning, the 25th-27th at Mark's grandparents with his side of the family and our family trip to Florida with my side from the 28th to the 2nd. I hesitated to get a new camera until I checked to make sure I hadn't left it at school. Oh, I also missed photographing two snow storms, which I always find so beautiful and interesting. Anyway, it actually was a wonderful Christmas, but I have not blogged because it makes me miss my camera. Sounds kind of silly.

This week, we decided to bite the bullet and get another camera. I upgraded to the Nikon D50. I can't wait. See, there's always a silver lining. I was a Canon girl, but after digging deeply into various camera reviews, I have decided to go with the D90. I also plan to sign up for a photography class at the local arts center, just to add to my artistic pursuits. Really, I think my ideal job is student!

Oh, and the other cyber violation: ebay. I rarely get anything on ebay these days but I have been on the lookout for a used toy vacuum (they're surprisingly pricey) for my little guy. I often prefer used toys for little ones, as the kids don't know the difference and it seems so wasteful to buy new ones when they rarely wear out. Anyway, I started wondering why I hadn't gotten an email either way concerning the vacuum auction when I discovered a list of about 25 items that apparently, I was due to ship out. Oh, when I logged on to ebay, my home page came up as ebay singapore. First sign of trouble. Someone had hacked my account and began fraudulently selling items under my name about two weeks ago (mostly photoshop). I *think* ebay solved the problem, but I feel like I know that it was really their customer service to begin with.

Well, in any event. My identity has been stolen, or at least borrowed, and I feel I feel really unsettled, to say the least. I just wonder how far it will go.

I'm not here to dwell. I feel so hopeful for 09 and can't wait for the inauguration. New pics to come soon. I have quite a few projects to post. I had to slow down on the bread baking. Doesn't mix well with my desired pants size.

Thanks, Molly, for the comment. I still want to do a creative exchange. Really, I'm back!


Molly said...

So sorry about the camera, and probably even moreso the cyber identity issue. I think everyone who has avoided that to date is just plain lucky.

I'm emailing sometime this afternoon.

Missy knits said...

I am so sorry to hear of your troubles...not a nice way to end 2008! But I am glad you are back. I enjoy your blog and look forward to catching up. Welcome back, and Happy New Year!!