Monday, January 19, 2009

Portrait of a Portrait

I find portraits intriguing, in most any medium.  I don't read Vanity Fair very often anymore, but I always like their portrait features.  Here's one that I scored at an antique shop in Reynoldsville, PA a few years back. That shop is probably gone by now, but it was one of my favorite type of antique shop. Dusty, cavernous, filled with really good stuff and very well priced.  I think I picked up this portrait for $12.  Thanks to trusty Google and the amazing internet, I fairly quickly learned that this painting came from the art dealer Willibald Ulbing in Vienna on Schottenfeldg. 61.  I also learned that a Viennese resident Mr. Willibald Ulbing died at 87 years old in 2007.  He might be one and the same.   

And here's a portrait I recently painted of my son.  


molly said...

gorgeous -- both! Do you have two more portraits in the works?

Blue Morpho said...

wonderful! I love your paintings, do you go completely freestyle or use a photograph?