Thursday, April 7, 2011

M (10-12). Portraits.

These kids live in the in-between -- not little kids anymore and not yet teenagers.  They are self-aware but not too self-conscious.  Their skin still glows, they work earnestly on their school work, they still think that you will always get a half-hour recess.   I can vividly remember that glory of being at the top of elementary school.  For the first time, I wanted clothes for my birthday instead of toys, I bought pop music and listened to it with my friends in the cafeteria and I realized that not everybody liked me.  I felt on the brink of something big.


Jane said...

Jill, You know you have to do a show with these. They're great!

Becky Sue said...

These are really great! It's nice to see really good portraits of boys when it's much more common to see girls. Love them in black and white.

Valerie Frey Stone said...

I really enjoyed these! As a mom with a boy, I realized how rare it is to see such portraits. Bravo!