Thursday, October 7, 2010

be good to yourself

I tell that to my kids, but do I do it?  Not always, especially in the food dept.  You know, I have to laugh at the magazine covers in December  ("indulge yourself" "enjoy the season") dripping with sugary treats and cocktails and then the next month, the same books are telling you to organize, lose weight and ramp up your exercise.  No wonder it all seems so dreadful.

Anyway, I have been good to myself lately, and I really think I'm a better mom/wife/friend because of it.  It's easy to be the martyr, and always put yourself last.  It usually feels easier (and I really think it is), but it's really not better.

And so, here are my fall treats.

1. Had my eyebrows professionally shaped and colored (I didn't say this list wouldn't be a bit silly).  I feel more polished even in a ponytail & no makeup.  It really does make a difference, at least mentally.

2.  Re-read To Kill a Mockingbird.  It's still so good and, thanks to my memory issues, it's still suspenseful.

3.  Started a photography class.  I finally cashed in my birthday/Christmas present and I signed up (half the battle).  Digital Photography I.  In NYC.  Grand Central Station, crazy runs to catch my train, lunch on the go.  I love taking classes, but this one also reminds me of my working girl days, in a good way.  Week one, we didn't do too much, but the syllabus looks great, we even have a portfolio project due at the end of the semester.  yikes.  woo hoo.  oy.

4.  Kept walking.  My long training walks are on Sunday mornings at 6:30. I get up while it's still dark and meet up with a revolving group of new-to-me women.  We walk and chat for 3-1/2 hours, covering 12 miles before breakfast.  It's my therapy.

What about you?  What's one thing you've done for yourself lately?  If you can't come up with two things, go do one!

(arg.  can't upload any images for some reason.  Hopefully, i"ll fix that soon.)


Tara Thayer said...

thanks, jill.
good stuff.
um. now for the one thing.

i took a walk by myself the other day! i had a few extra minutes between picking up the car and picking up the kids, and so i went and walked up in the preserve and took some pictures.

i think that's a good one.

i'll work on some more.


Marsaille said...

Started a Daily December album to fill that aching create! need.