Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Take those Phthalates and Shove it!

I'm wondering if anyone else has this feeling.

I have given up (most) teflon, (most)  tupperware and cut back on my baggie use.  I hesitate before touching carbonless receipts, as I heard on the radio that they contain pcbs or parabens or phthalates or something evil, and I fear the toxins leached into canned foods but still use them.  I found out that I have been sorting our recycling wrong - for FIVE years.  I try and avoid products with fragrances and parabens and of course, I still have to look out for peanuts, tree nuts, sesame and egg because of my son's allergies.  And then when I ask my pediatrician why my son has these auto immune problems (eczema and allergies), they always ask if it runs in my family.  No it doesn't.  I don't buy it.  Why is NPR warning me against using all of these endocrine disrupters while my son's allergies are chalked up to genetics?  And giving up all of these things makes more work for me, scares me, guilts me -- all of it just starts to piss me off, frankly.  Where's the uproar about these poisons?  At some point, I get angry at knowing they are poisonous without having safe alternatives.

It's exhausting.  Where is Erin Brokovich when you need her?

[Picture not related to post.  It was a delicious, organic grapefruit, but surely not locally grown.]

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molly said...

Teflon has been one of my last hold-outs. I just don't know how I would flip a good omelette otherwise, but I know it needs to go. And I suppose I do buy canned legumes, but really should put an end to that, it's so easy to re-hydrate dried beans, but I forget to allow the time.

It can definitely feel futile at times.